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  • Hotel Kanta Port el Kantaoui
  • Hotel Kanta Port el Kantaoui
  • Hotel Kanta Port el Kantaoui
  • Hotel Kanta Port el Kantaoui
  • Hotel Kanta Port el Kantaoui


Thank you for choosing to stay at Hotel Kanta, we wish your visit with us to be comfortable.
Our friendly staff are pleased to be at your service, and we trust you’ll have a memorable and enjoyable experience.
Our aim is to make you feel at home.


Resort 4 star hotel is ideally located in the heart of the most popular tourist resort of Port El Kantaoui. The hotel is set in beautiful gardens with hundreds of palm and olive trees, displaying the double advantage of being both close to a sandy beach and the golf course. The hotel is divided into three buildings : • Main building : is the reception, the «Palme d’Or» bar, the main Buffet restaurant «La Fontaine», the «Newspaper» gourmet restaurant, and reading room «Les Fougères», a bridge room, the Moorish cafe «Oasis», suites and rooms. • The building opposite the pools is composed of rooms and family apartments. • The third building consists of an indoor pool, a fitness center, a wellness center «Kamari» and an Irish pub «Pùca».

Park Friguia

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Inside the Park Friguia, you can take rest in the midway panoramic restaurant.

Hotel Golf Sousse

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The Golf Sousse offers the "Sea Race", 18 holes around the two lakes and near the beach.


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